Sustainability Consulting (Advisory)
We, at Prisstine Systems, believe that the foundations of every corporate should be laid on the principles of sustainability, responsible governance and social responsibility.
Lean Management consulting in Gurgaon,
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Sustainability Consulting (Advisory)

Sustainability Consulting (Advisory)

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Business sustainability is essentially managing the triple bottom line – a process by which companies manage their financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities. Our company is committed to helping organizations position sustainability as a key driver to long term value creation, success and ultimately high performance. The main objective is to help organizations leverage their resources and capabilities to drive innovation and inclusive growth while striving for positive economic, environmental and social impact.


We offer consulting and training services for large as well as small and medium enterprises guiding them towards identifying, implementing and reporting specific sustainability aspects and issues – carbon, water, waste, energy, environment, community etc. Our expertise spans: analyzing the core social and environmental impacts, creating a sustainability plan to align the triple bottom line goals, calculating carbon footprinting, executing effective stakeholder engagement, developing sustainability and business responsibility reports, preparing carbon disclosure project reports, optimizing the product life-cycle and green auditing around the supply chain processes.

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