About Prisstine
Prisstine Systems is a professional consulting company that caters to the global clients in the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability Reporting, Integrated Reporting, Corporate Governance, Professional Ethics, Business Excellence and Process Improvement.
EMS Consulting in Gurgaon, ISO 45001 Consulting in Gurgaon, Occupational Health & safety Consulting in Gurgaon,
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About Prisstine


Prisstine Systems is market leader in providing knowledge based consulting services to Corporates World over on CSR and sustainability,

We are market leaders in providing knowledge based consulting services to Businesses World over on CSR and Sustainability, helping them in generating long-term business value along with positive social and environmental impact. The Consulting team has more than 200 yrs of combined experience that in itself is an endorsement of the vast technical and management expertise & exposure that is put into works for the clients.

The Consulting team is supported & guided by an experienced group of advisors and mentors with a strong background in technology and domain knowledge helping the clients in imbibing the best practices in their industrial domains with regards to sustainability, business ethics and social responsibility.

Each Consultant works towards delivering triple bottom line growth for all stakeholders. We, thus believe in working closely with our clients, creating synergies and focusing on personalized client relationship & absolute client satisfaction in the services provided, that enables us to harness long-term business association.



Amanda Swensson

Creative Director

Jeremy Dupont

Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Johnson

General Manager

Marianne Smith

HR Manager


From the vision to the mission of making a sustainable work environment in the corporate world we do it all.


To harness professional knowledge & deliver quality consultative services in the fields of sustainability, corporate governance and social responsibility in an effective manner.


To become a Global Partner for the businesses world over in helping them manage their sustainability and corporate social responsibility needs in an effective manner.

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